Day 51 staying home in Pisticci…. the singing lady still sings

There are lots of things I love about living in Pisticci and ” the singing lady” would come in my top ten.

This morning on my way to the supermarket I passed her house. Often her door is open . And often she is singing loudly. Every time I hear her it makes me smile. There is something a bit wonderful about walking along through the old narrow streets and hearing someone singing at the top of their voice. It lifts my spirits every time.

I told her once that it made me feel happy when I heard her singing and sometimes I think she sees me passing and starts to sing specially. I feel very privileged. I am smiling while I am writing this. Isn’t it wonderful how something so relatively unimportant can mean so much.

On my way to the supermarket this morning I was musing on the fact that it feels like it’s the most dangerous thing I do these days….apart from going up a ladder when its windy. Who would have thought that shopping would ever feel like that. I was very pleased with myself today outside the supermarket as there were five of us waiting to go in. Me and four men. One of them asked the group how many were allowed in at a time and I answered . And he understood my answer. Admittedly all I said was ” cinque” (5) but I wasn’t acting like the only foreigner in the group. It felt great. I am very proud of myself for continuing to speak Italian badly. It takes a certain amount of courage to speak out when you know you are probably not getting it right. And I have given up trying to learn to speak better for now.

It was a lovely morning and I got my beach umbrella out and set up. It means I can see my phone screen when outside but it will soon be neccessary all the time.

It was 11am and I still hadn’t really done anything so I thought I may as well brush the floor in the gallery so that when I am ready then I can stretch my next canvas. . Then of course I rolled the canvas out on the floor and on I went. This time it took approximately 20 minutes from rolling out the canvas to putting the last staple in at the corner. Amazing. I didn’t even swear once…. the stapler did not jam even once. And its the best job I have made yet.

It was still only 11.30 so I thought I could paint a few more wisteria leaves before lunch. So I did that and after only another 2 touch ups this afternoon I am finally more or less happy with the result.

After lunch I had a quick siesta with a book and answered an email about something I might do in the future. And what with watering the flowers and looking for the cows.( I can still hear the bells ringing now) it was 4pm.

There were no more cases of the virus in Basilicata today. That’s good news.

I read about the Panorama programme on BBC last night. Am not surprised.

On the plus side I just read that the scottish govt. are recommending wearing masks or scarves on public transport and in shops. From what I have read that sounds like sensible advice and in shops especially is showing some respect for the shopworkers who are obliged to put up with people who might well be infected and not know. There are lots of examples of how to make masks without any sewing and even a scarf is better than nothing.

Its nearly wine time again. I still feel in the middle between being locked down and beginning to look to the future. Its a bit uncomfortable , but with a singing lady, beach umbrella , cowbells and sunshine it could be a lot worse.

Had to repair the umbrella with masking tape. The material is so thin couldnt sew it and no options to buy anything to fix it till next week
Just needs varnished now.
New canvas all ready
Lots of roses blooming now. Am very proud of ny doorway.

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