Day 50 staying home in Pisticci…. not going to Australia

Not every day starts with a dream but this was another vivid dream which woke me up. ( I have not eaten cheese since lockdown started so is nothing to do with that.)

I dreamt that I was arranging to take my oldest daughter on holiday with me to Australia. We were leaving from the house I grew up in and in the dream my mother was ill. We had already missed one plane.

My daughter would never agree to go on holiday with me again after the last time. We never actually missed any trains or couldnt eventually find our hotels or airbnbs and after 3 goes I got the lift to work and even when we got lost we found our way home somehow. Nothing bad happened. But I think she would prefer to go on holiday with a more organised person.

I might need to have a think about what that might mean. I think dreams are your unconscious’s way of working out stuff you haven’t dealt with during the day. So not spooky .

However this morning I did some editing…..had breakfast outside and spoke to my neighbour. Got some good, but unsettling , news about a friend, painted some more leaves on my wisteria, got a parcel from India??? from the postman and got the cutest little cat to eat catfood from my hand. And then it was lunch time. I dont know where the morning went to.

Or the afternoon ….. I did some weeding, a quick family phone call and read for half an hour, found another cable to charge my phone , watered the flowers and then it was 4pm.

I havent been able to find any information on cases of the virus in Basilicata today. I hear that boris johson is talking about other countries looking at the apparent success in the UK dealing with the coronavirus. Words fail me! ( or at least polite ones ) I am trying to not stress over something I can do absolutely nothing about.

I took my airbnb house offline last night. Probably for the rest of the year. Am wondering if I could use it as an art gallery or something. I would still like to sell it but in the meantime it would be nice to use it without having people in it from out of the area.

Am still wondering what the dream was about. I have never wanted to go to Australia and why would I go when my mother was ill. ( I ‘ve never, so far, missed a plane either. )

But it’s wine time now and I found a 3d series of Hamish Macbeth. Hurray!!

More leaves on wisteria….. room for a few more yet.
This might be reference for next big painting but I want better light
It is an absolute joy to drink coffee and look at this in the mornings.

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