Day 52 staying home in Pisticci…..I need to be adopted…..

Next week people here are allowed to visit family as long as they wear masks and keep their distance. Well, that’s just lovely if you have family. Friends are not included.

As far as I can see I will be able to travel in the region…. but only if I have a good reason. Am not sure if needing more paint is a valid reason.

I will however be allowed to go for a walk as long as I keep my distance from people. So that is it!

It’s not that I was expecting to meet anyone and I can survive without paint for a few weeks yet, and I can go shopping for food and maybe other things too. So it will be a little different.

Today started off okay and I was happily editing my book and wondering what I could write next . I have enjoyed spending up to an hour every morning somewhere else in my head. With a coffee beside me and my laptop on my little green half table that James made .( half for a bedside table for him and the other half for computer desk for me.) It’s a nice start to the day. . Am hoping by next week that I will have come up with a new idea.

The rest of the day I have been angry and unsettled. It could be that it’s very windy outside ….or maybe I am just worried about what I am going to do next.

I have finally ( I think) decided what my 3d big painting will look like. The light was much better this morning and I now have a plan of sorts. I even considered doing a small water colour sketch just to get me started but the light was not so good later on when I thought of it.

Finally after getting annoyed at the main character in the book I am reading. He is so very stupid. I thought I would have another go at making a mask. My daughter told me I could make one from a sock …with no sewing. I hope she is having more success than I did. It looks like I am wearing a sock. Its not a good look. I then found in a drawer, an old pair of thick tartan tights and had a little more success with them. I tried blowing out a candle while wearing them and couldn’t so I may try them out next time I go shopping. . If it’s very hot here in the summer I will need to think of something else. At least that was a little successful. I have quite a lot of scrap material lying around so have a few more options still to try.

The net curtain is blowing in and out the door and I can barely hear the cowbells over the noise of the wind blowing up my street. I am glad I was sensible enough to not climb up my ladder and varnish the new wisteria leaves. Tomorrow I can start my new big painting and although I prefer calmer days it hasn’t been a complete waste.

And now it’s wine time. Hurray!!

Reference for next painting.
Took this photo by accident. I love the way its like an abstract pattern.
The most successful tartan tights mask. I left one end open for a towel or other filter.
Love the light in this photo taken this morning. You can see the tree is blowing in the wind.

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