Freedom… make a grey day colourful…..

What a horrible ” dreich” day it has been. It looked like the sun would come out this morning but it obviously couldn’t be bothered and other than a quick flash of light now and again it’s been overcast all day long.

Most of my plans for today involved sunshine and open doors and maybe a little gardening.

But it’s been another day of feeling grey inside and out. I shouldn’t be surprised. I am like this every year before my birthday. I will be fine again on Monday. Or maybe even tomorrow as my plan is to make lasagne and a cake for friends coming to visit in the evening.

So today I read a lot . Thank goodness for kindle unlimited.

Watched some more of Jonathon Yeo painting Brian Cox and marvelled at how he could talk and paint even while his sitter chatted away. I might be learning something about painting. And today I learned that your brain can get full up. At least I think that’s what they were talking about.

However I did attempt a fight back against the grey. I couldn’t think of any thing I wanted to paint and then I thought maybe I should paint a self portrait the day before my 65th birthday. And partly inspired by what I had seen on youtube I brought my very large mirror through from the workroom and propped it up against the chest so that I could sit on the armchair comfortably. Last time I gave myself a sore back perching on my wheelie chair and squinting at the wardrobe mirror. This was luxury.

It took me around an hour and a half drawing on my kindle to get a result I was more or less pleased with. It was certainly colourful. I am learning a little bit every time.

I am meeting friends tonight . So my next big job is to find something to wear. Not too hot, not too cold, not too tight. Preferably something that makes me feel good and finally it has to go with my horrible old trainers. Oh joy!!

Apologies to my trainers. They have sentimental value and are incredibly comfortable. They are lightweight and make me feel like I am bouncing along. I got them resoled and they have instep supports in them . None of my other shoes can touch them for comfort.( though without exception they all look better) If the weather would hurry up and get warmer I could find my sandals , give them an upgrade and then I will be ok for the summer. They go with everything.

But I wore my trainers all the time james was in hospital. I walked miles and miles in different cities , ran for buses and then trains, put plastic shoecovers over them in hospitals and they served me very well. Can’t believe I am so attached to them . Better do a painting of them . Before they fall to bits.

As I felt writing this could be a little gloomy I took some colourful pics of my flowers. ( and my 2 tomatoes.) So that there is something cheerful to end with.

Me and the big mirror.
I am loving the colours.
That turned out well!!!

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