Freedom….. it’s Friday!!

And it has turned out to be quite a satisfactory week so far.

After being worried about 3 things,

1. I am getting on okay so far with mural and the client likes it .

2. The project I was worried about is on hold . I contacted the person in charge and we will sort something out next week.

3. I finally found out what the mystery project was by accidentally meeting the guy and asking him. It sounds good fun.( assuming I understood well enough.)

And this morning there was no sound on my laptop so while checking out the options incase it was wrecked I discovered that a good cheaper option for an Ipad is a kindle fire . And while looking for bigger kindle fires just out of curiosity I found an affordable Chinese option that might do very well if all my current things break

I took my laptop to the shop to get it fixed. ( I forgot my mask and had to go half the way back again) and when I got there the guy turned it on and it worked.!!! I tried lots of things this morning but didn’t try turning it completely off. He did offer me a new hard drive for €80 to speed it up but it’s normally fast enough for me and the chinese tablet was only €112 I think on amazon . And though I don’t plan to buy it I like to know I have options. ( its made by YESTEL…..never heard of the company but had 4 goodwhatsits and up to 128 storage thingies. )

So I am back home and I think I must be getting fitter. It is a little like coming out of a strange hibernation.

My plan is to paint the rest of the leaves on my mural and then the flowers tomorrow.

Oh and I even had time (and energy ) to do another portrait on my kindle fire ( its now decided it will send emails again.) My aim was to see if I could make myself look a bit more cheerful. It was a failure in that respect. But at least I tried.

Now I am late for wine time so better get to it. …🍷🍷🍷

Looking over the roof of my little house for sale. That is the sea in the distance
Found time to put this quick flowery thing on now that my kindle is emailing again.
Spooky eyes….very difficult to do detail. Hope this doesnt scare anyone…….

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