Freedom….. feeling a little braver

Though when you are a bit of a scaredy cat, ( I seem to remember that expression being used a lot when I was small….. that and crybaby.) bravery is relative. I am frankly a hero to myself because I am scared of the silliest things so I have a lot of opportunities to be brave.

Today was my second day of mural painting in someone else’s house. And today I didn’t get the key stuck in the lock for 5 minutes. Even opening a strange door can be a perilous activity.

I finished the vase that I had begun yesterday , checked that the figures were the right size and put final highlights on it. Because it appears to be sitting on a shelf it looks very realistic.

Then I had to paint a bush growing out of it . That is paint branches on someone else’s wall. I can write this now as it is done…. but I felt better after I had a little twitter encouragement.

In one of the many art videos I have watched , someone said that your style is the way in which you apply the paint to the canvas . Timid, would have described my style.

I thought it was time for a change and so having drawn all the branches I confidently applied the paint. It was so much more interesting and lively and even realistic without trying to copy every twist and turn. . And 10 times more fun.

4 hours seems to be my optimum time for painting. After that I am in danger of knocking things over or making silly mistakes.

I am enjoying walking to and from ” work”. I am still taking the empty backstreets when I can but it is lovely to be out and Pisticci is very pretty in the sunshine.

Carrying on the bravery theme….which actually began with my bit writing this morning. I arranged something for next week and made a plan to fix something else. I didn’t quite get round to checking my bank account but anything under a month, when I decide I should really look at it , is a success.

So buoyed up by my relative bravery I thought I would try a self portrait on my phone. Just my head this time. ( my kindle is refusing to send images so is no use.)

It is a bit small but just imagine if I got good at it .I could do portraits of friends when I was out or sit in the piazza and draw people then send them the image. I think I need to work on proportions but I spent around 15 minutes doing something vaguely resembling myself. I like the hair.

And now I have a friend coming round to drink wine and chat. We might sit outside. As usual it’s windy but it isn’t cold.

Not a bad day at all. …..

As usual I was concentrating and looking grim.
I love the way that tree moves with the wind.

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  1. gosh Anne after all this time I never scrolled down to see I could leave a comment. Always resort to emailing you. Anyways, like lthe little portrait, except for the gray on your face. other than that, as usual you are amazing and so enjoy seeing your work. buona notte

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