Summer in Pisticci…..lazy Saturday…

I did get up about 6am but that was because I was bored, had had another scary dream ( people being shut in chest freezer) and the guy next door, though not very  noisy was definitely up and preparing to do something.

By 8am I was lying on the bed in my gallery reading and wondering what to do with myself.

By 10am I was wondering how early I could have lunch. It was very hot outside. I tidied up my workroom and enjoyed seeing how much paint I have. Then I took all the photos and notes I used for the pottery painter panels and spread them out and took a photo. It looked quite impressive to me.

Read a bit more….then thought I could  always use up my left over paint to prep my next canvas . So I did that and roughly drew the still life. I  rather liked the effect but can’t see how it could be a work of art, though, in my opinion I have seen similar which are supposed to be.

By then it was lunch time thank goodness!

After lunch I supposed I could always do a little bit more to the still life. I had already prepared my palette. So I did that for a while trying to not make it boring.

Then another read. Followed by more working on the painting.

Would this day never end! It was now thunder and rain outside.

I don’t  like to watch entertainment on youtube during the day , just art videos or similar. But it was Saturday so watched another episode of “Crownies “. ( It is all going to go horribly  wrong for lots of the characters which is a pity as there is enough stupid stuff going on in the world without it being on “tv” as well. )

It looked like the storm was passing so I thought maybe I could find something to wear to go out tonight. That took another half hour including  ironing.

And now it looks like the storm is coming back………

So am all dressed up ( well relatively). Superglued sandals holding out so far. And super baggy outfit as in a grumpy yukky mood.

Thank goodness it’s wine time……

Not sure if storm is coming or going…..
Quite a lot of preparation.
Lovely ghostly image….using left over paint.
Trying not to kill the ” life”

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