Summer in Pisticci……Sunday painting…

It was nice to have a plan. I had already started the still life ( a new thing for me.) so I was all set up. After another night of crazy dreams I didn’t expect to be very enthusiastic, but a large espresso probably helped.

What also helped was an audio book. An old Inspector Alleyn mystery. It goes on for hours , but this one is not read by the man witb the beautiful voice who caused me to listen through twice to another one. His voice was like chocolate.

Am enjoying my Canadian chocolate very much by the way.

My plan was to paint something with life and energy and not ” neaten it up” until it looked accurate but boring. I think there is a difference between a skilled artist who can be accurate and create something amazing and me, who maybe could attempt something and if I kept going would produce something more accurate, but I don’t want to.

I had my little kindle sketch to inspire me and the real objects in front of me. This time a photo would not have done. ( It’s very interesting , for me, to keep learning new things) The idea for still lives came from a painter I saw on the internet but the realisation that I could make something lively came from doing a preliminary sketch on my kindle.

I worked on it most of today. And apart from nearly falling over the plastic bucket where I laid my water jar and palette due to slipping off the bed end it went quite well.

Nothing is ever as good as I imagine it will be, but it’s not a bad effort. So much so that I have set up the next one. I am thinking of calling the series 2 black hats and a wine glass. The paintings in it are both of Pisticci, the cupboard is a local antique and the jug and basin are from a nearby region. I have chosen some antique dishes and a pottery jug and two more paintings for the next one. ( and the 2 hats and glass of wine.)

I was going to sit outside and write this but the little cat was on my chair. I made it move at breakfast time so I thought I’d better let it stay this time. I would like it if it was more friendly but it’s still very timid.

I think that was the second Sunday in a row that I enjoyed.

Wine time now……..

I think I am happy with this.
My kindle sketch.
My little friend……

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