Summer in Pisticci…..a long slow Friday…..

It all started with a disturbing dream where I was in an old hotel and I was a lawyer who was supposed to get an older woman acquitted  but I had no experience and I was sure I would fail. And then I got lost in dark streets and couldn’t  find my way back. I woke up.a little worried.

I didn’t write very much this morning.  Am a little  confused with what I am doing and where I am going.

Friday was to be my new shopping day. So putting my rucksack on my back and hanging my mask on my arm I set off.

On the way I passed a little old lady standing in her doorway . I stepped off the pavement  which is only about 40cms wide. I was just keeping my distance. She spoke to me and asked me something. I looked a bit blank and she repeated it. She said” are you afraid of me.”. I smiled and said no and carried on down the hill and it was only afterwards I realised that she had asked me because I stepped away from her. I am a bit slow sometimes!!!

I was really hoping she would be there on the way back so I could explain that I was ” respecting the virus”. I felt a bit sad.

That is the biggest problem with mask wearing and keeping your distance. It is the feeling that you are saying that the other person is infectious or dirty or smelly or in this case scary. I try and tell myself that I am protecting others from myself. But if they don’t understand then it’s awkward.

I am glad that in scotland masks will be mandatory in shops because then it is simple. And there seems to be more and more evidence that masks can really help in not spreading the infection. I think everyone should wear them with pride because they are helping to keep people ( including themselves) alive. Make them fashion accessories or funny or like the lovely lady in Pisticci, silver to celebrate being alive.

I seem to have spent a lot of today just hanging about, reading, watching art videos. I found a lovely film about the life story of a Canadian artist called David Milne. He sold 300 paintings to someone for 5 dollars each so he could get on and keep painting without worrying about money. Interesting.

Today I signed and then varnished my 2 pottery painter panels. So I guess they are done. I am looking forward to seeing where they will go. ( I didn’t quite understand that part.🤔)

Now it is wine time. I’ve just watered the flowers and eaten my 4th tomato that I grew and it’s thundery again. I found another australian series called ” Crownies” on youtube which I am enjoying and I superglued my other sandal today as it was cracking in the same place. I wonder how long they will last….😀

That is probably the cricket I put out last night. Its like a mini chainsaw. Imagine that in your house!!!
Final final version…..
Still cant get a straight on photo of this….but its done.

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