Summer in Pisticci ….. odd Sunday feelings

It started really, last night when I heard that my painting had been awarded 3d place in the exhibition. It was I think a public vote. For someone who had not been that bothered I was surprisingly delighted. I was under the impression that it was a 2 day event but apparently I missed the award ceremony which was shown on facebook this morning.

I have really mixed feelings about the whole thing. Is my Italian really that bad? Or was it changed at the last minute and I had already left? And feeling as I do about masks and lots of people would I have gone home anyways?

It was really difficult to speak through a mask last night as there was a lot of background noise. I think it is taking me a while to become sociable again and the thought of standing about for hours not speaking and among crowds of people was not appealing.

To be fair no local person in the whole region has been positive for the virus for nearly 2 months ( I think…all the cases were outsiders .) But at the same time I am aware of what is happening in Scotland and it is so casual here. I was glad to see that some people were asking about why more people were not wearing masks .

I have mostly been wearing a nask in shops but not in the street…. but last night there were so many people about. It is difficult to know what to do. Mostly I have stayed home or just met the same people .

What with talk of increase in cases in Spain and other countries it is all very confusing.

I wonder if I could make a thinner mask ….it is very hot now . And last night everyones glasses steamed up because it was extra humid. It is no good telling myself to stick to a plan as there are so many variables. What do I do when my glasses steam up and someone can’t understand me through the mask ? It is so much easier just to stay home.

Anyways I am very pleased that people voted for me.

And I have sold another 2 paintings today. 1 through facebook and another to a friend. All 4 paintings I did last week are now gone.

I am working on one of my street and then I have another small canvas. I think I had better do more to replace the sold ones. I could be very busy this week. Very busy……

I think I am meeting a friend for something to eat tonight. Probably be good to spend some time with someone else …it feels like it has been a long , long day………

Third prize.
Work in progress.


  1. Well done on your 3rd place prize Anne. I think that the uncertainty about crowds and mask wearing is very real everywhere. I have started to wear a mask in shops and from tomorrow (Monday) it’s compulsory in England but they are a real problem in so many ways. My best friend lip reads as she’s hard of hearing and has done it since childhood. Steaming up is always a problem as is the extra oxygen needed when dragging yourself up a hill. I’m taking my mask off on hills just so I can breathe!
    Around a lot of folk it’s very strange when you start worrying; as yet we have had very few in our small town but hearing about two cases within a half hour yesterday causes much concern. I think we just need to get used to them, stay at home as much as possible and keep painting, no mask needed unless you’re a graffiti artist! I still love seeing the development of your work so thank you for posting it, the prize winning 3women captures such a natural moment, it’s a worthy prize winner.

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