Summer in Pisticci….the virtual walk…

And I should add the virtual drawing ( if that is what you call it) which I did on my kindle after breakfast

It was Sunday and I am “virtually “on holiday… a portrait commission last night……so it was nice to have a slow start. I sat outside and thought I would check if I could see my screen well enough in the sunlight. And before I knew it I had a little sketch of   my baby oleander and some other plants. I love the way I need to be confident drawing on the screen . And I love the colours. No muddy colours because I forgot to clean my brush or the water was dirty or the paint mixed on the canvas. And the black background is fun.

But today was about going for a virtual walk and I put a few more staples in my sandals in preparation.

I phoned my daughter and arranged what time we would both leave and then I whatsapped her a photo as I left and then on the way up the hill. Being Sunday the bells from the church were ringing very loudly and music was being broadcast .

My plan was to sit outside the castle at the top of the hill and chat for a while and maybe let her see the view of Pisticci and even point out my house. But the church bells were so loud …….

Keeping the video connection I took to the back streets to avoid the bells and as she pointed out the views in different directions from the cemetery, which is a lovely peaceful place to walk, I pointed out the narrow streets and various other little things. The connection was not always great but was good enough and we walked on chatting and pointing things out.

As it was the first time and a bit of an experiment we were out for around half an hour.

We have arranged to do it again next Sunday.

I did no painting today .

I did however sell a painting last night online.

Mostly I read . And then found another 5 books in the same series all on Kindle unlimited. That will be my holiday reading fixed.

And I am going to the Lucania Film Festival tonight. A friend asked me and I feel a bit like Cinderella……I shall go to the ball/ film festival after all. Hurray!!

I even nearly made my new sandals comfortable by cutting a bit of foamy stuff out of a cushion and wrapping it round the bit that goes between my toes. It worked for about 10 minutes…..I will find a way!!!!

Now I am going to have a glass of wine , decide what to wear and chill till it’s time to go………

Quick fun sketch …….
Leaving to go on virtual walk.
Puffing up the hill. What a lovely shadow.

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