Summer in Pisticci……the new shoes and all the rest……

Am a bit overwhelmed right now. I was going to write about how having to buy men’s sandals makes me feel even more unfeminine and that it was all down to being called foureyes at school and being tall and shy and socially inept.

But have just heard that someone I knew briefly has died an am a bit shocked and sad. And sandals are not that important .

Then I watched a short video on facebook where Nicola Sturgeon said, about exam results in Scotland, that the govt. had done what they thought was right at the time with the best of intentions, but they were wrong and she was sorry and now they were going to fix it. The bit that really got to me was where she said (.I am loosely quoting.) That no children would have to do anything to sort this out as it was not their fault and it would be the govts. job to make it right.

Is she real? I do hope so. And am angry that all the lies from Boris Johnson and the conservative party have made me suspicious of all politicians motives. I want to believe that it is possible to be a politician and be honest.

It was not the best of days , but I am glad that I don’t have to staple my sandals together before going out. I don’t need to walk flat footed so that they don’t come apart. I can go out whenever I like without worrying that my shoes will break and I will have to hop home. And if they are not very pretty…..well…..

Today my painting was delivered to the exhibition and I have begun my next portrait commission. I think my holiday may have finished…but am okay with that.

So it’s wine time….and tonight I opened the better wine. I think I will enjoy it.

Could be worse…..they are very comfy……but …

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