Summer in Pisticci…

Have now completed 12 paintings of Pisticci  , not counting the cows in the calanche and the smiley ladies etc which I did on Sundays.

I  am a little bit tired now.

So I think a holiday is in order. Starting tomorrow with a virtual walk with my daughter.

Then Monday have to deliver a painting for the exhibition.

Tuesday, coffee with friend .

Wednesday roof terrace opening party in the country.  ( will get the bus.)

Thursday.  Painter of Pisticci event and opening of exhibition.

Friday…….not sure what I will do.

I would love to do  some digital painting and as it is not supposed to be as hot…a mere 34C then that might be possible.

This last week I seem to have been a bit too focused on what I don’t  have which is not very cheering. But sometimes inevitable.

Next week it would be nice to have time to appreciate things around. I am pleased that I painted these last 12 paintings of Pisticci and I made a good  job of them . I have a decent selection to show anyone who is interested.  I now know that I can post most of them abroad if neccessary. I bought another 10 pieces of wood today as I can now make my own stretchers.

But next week.I would like to relax and smell the magnolia flowers. Go for a walk up the red brick road. Have fun drawing on my phone or my kindle. Go for a coffee at the new cafe in piazza san rocco. Sit in the piazza umberto and watch people. Lie about and read. Watch more Campion and Lord Peter Wimsey on youtube. Maybe even go to Marconia on the bus for fun. 

Tonight I am going out to meet a friend and we will likely sit and watch people going by. And maybe eat a panini. Maybe have a couple of glasses of wine.

These things I have. I can do. Can feel myself cheering up already.

Have lots of paintings to sell…….
Finished this today.
Started and almost finished this today. Only few little things to do.
Nice evening. Last of the storms gone. No rain forecast for next 2 weeks. Hurray!!!

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