Summer in Pisticci…..out and about…

Now that I have comfy sandals which won’t fall to bits if I bend my feet or land on the edge of a step I bounced happily up town this morning. Still managed to say ” buon giorno ” or “ciao” despite avoiding getting too close to people. So was a cheerful walk.

I had to go in the farmacia and now it seems perfectly normal to put my mask on at the door …..and drag it off again when I come out. It’s still over 30C and gets quite hot wearing a mask. In the street it is not so busy that I can’t stay a reasonable distance from people.

It is still the case that no local people have had the virus since the beginning of June.

I was early to meet a friend for coffee and sat under a tree in the piazza. It feels normal until I remember that there should be elaborate decorative lights all the way up the street and across the piazza and the strange contraption at the other side of the piazza should be a stage used for many concerts and shows. There are none this year. ( the strange contraption is a mini football pitch!)

However it is sunny and people are friendly ……and hopefully next year.

The remainder of today I ‘ve spent working on a portrait. It is a bit tricky as it is a couple in silhouette. It is difficult to make them 3 dimensional working from a photo. But this time I have asked for other photos as well. I might do that in future as when there is only one photo of a stranger all I have is how they look in a split second. It would be good to relate that to some more images. Anyways it is progressing ok.( I think tomorrow is when I reach the stage of……oh no this is never going to work….) 😁

Now I am sitting outside and the little cat has been keeping me company. . There is a nice breeze and I have ” tuesday jazz” playing on youtube.

It has made a big difference having new sandals….and I am getting over having to buy men’s ones.

All the paintings for the next exhibition/ competition are online now. Local people can vote on facebook. It is very interesting to see how it is going.

But now it is wine time. ( the good stuff) cheers 🍷🍷

The piazza this morning. The ” football pitch” is on the left.
Football pitch
Outside with my little cat……

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