Summer in Pisticci……being independent

Today’s  independence  was quite tiring. But am home and I must be getting fitter again.

After going shopping this morning I spent the day working on my latest portrait which is going slowly but okay.

Then I dyed my hair. Thought it might boost my confidence for later.

I was off to the country to help celebrate a new roof terrace. I would not have gone if I hadn’t thought that I could get there and back by myself.

That meant a 20 minute walk to the bus station. Then a short bus trip and another 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the house . And the same on the way back. ( I was offered a lift from and too the bus stop but being ” independent” thought I would just walk. )

To complicate matters I also discovered to my surprise that I was also supposed to be doing something else with the art exhibition. I have no idea what that was as I tried to find the group on the way home but they were not in any of the usual places.

Anyways I spent an hour and a half with nice people , spoke some italian and drank lovely punch.

And now I am home and sitting outside . Feeling a bit lonely as all my neighbours are having a barbecue. ( even if they asked me I wouldnt go. I feel like a liability as I don’t understand dialect.)

On the plus side I am not in flooded Perth and I have a box of food from the roof terrace party ……and I still have a lot of the good wine left.

As I tend to compare myself with a refugee if I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. ( particularly apt at the moment) then I am doing ok. Sitting outside with a glass of wine . Having been independent. Half way through a portrait. And fitter than I thought.

And the very big black dog at the bus stop didn’t bite me. Life is good indeed.

Seen on the way to supermarket
Waiting at the bus stop.

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