Summer in Pisticci…..embarrassing  incident ….

I was having a perfectly pleasant time at the “Painter of Pisticci” event. It had started roughly on time and I met some of the other artists who had also contributed work. I had been inside and looked around and then was standing outside again talking to another artist when all of a sudden everything started to go white and I felt most peculiar. I thought I’d better sit down before I fell down. It was horrible, but luckily someone went to the cafe nearby and brought me some water with sugar in it and an orange fizzy drink. By now I was sitting on a tiny chair in a corner hoping I was not going to be sick. However the drinks helped and am home now. Looking a bit more white than normal. I had no warning and felt absolutely fine beforehand. Maybe I had better carry something sugary in my bag in future. I had a bottle of water with me but it was the sugar that helped.

I assume it was the standing about in the heat. This happened last year. Strangely enough in almost the same spot. Then , I had been standing for quite a long time waiting for something to start.

Am very glad to be home and have decided that I am not going out again tonight. That was enough excitement for one day.

I spent most of today working on the portrait. I am glad I have something to do in my “holiday”. I don’t have to rush it but its close to being finished.

Moral of today then is don’t stand about in the sun …..and always carry some sugary sweets. ( am not carrying a can of juice around. )

Could have been worse.

But scary nonetheless.

The event was held in there.
Some of the art.
Piazza san rocco…….

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  1. Another lovely insight into your life in Pisticci. I loved the size of the pieces being shown, some really good work there I think. I hope you are feeling a lot better, take care.

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