Summer in Pisticci…..working Sunday

I’ve spent most of today working on my complicated commission. It now looks like it has potential and the composition is more or less balanced ….I think.

I have painted one figure out and moved another. And drew all the details of everything with paint.

Tomorrow I had better work on the other commission. It’s more normal.

Painting while listening to audio books keeps my mind occupied but I did stop this morning to listen to the science programme on radio 5 live. I am surprised I like it , but I do. It was about communication this morning. And listening.

Was wondering if perhaps I should try listening more to friends. I know how to do it. I’ve just not been interested enough to do more than hear them. I would quite like them to listen to me so perhaps I should do it first. That would be polite. As long as it doesn’t become an interrogation. It does feel good being really heard .

It is pleasant sitting outside again. (It is slightly unpleasant sitting inside…that helps!)

My fan helps a bit. But I have to be careful not to point it near my back or neck. Have had very achey back and neck twice this summer due to bad fan management. The other problem is that it is drying my paint on my palette. Even when it isn’t pointed straight at me.

I expect if you are sitting inside watching the rain pour down outside you might not be feeling very sympathetic to my plight. 🤔

It is time I had a glass of wine now. I have so far no suitable photos today so I’ll see if I can find something interesting. This just would seem unfinished without them.

Messy workroom
Carefully positioned fan.

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