Summer in Pisticci…..might rain…..

This is the first year since I arrived in Italy 15 years ago that I have been a little fed up with the heat. It has been what seems like over 35C now for weeks. This could be because August has been quiet this year. Nothing happening so, I just paint and keep out of the heat and secondly, usually I am cold for months in the winter and any heat seems like bliss. However this year thanks to my pellet stove I was warm.

I think maybe it is also because I am still wittering back and forward about going out. And given any excuse I stay home. ( I am very good at procrastination and thinking up ” reasons ” for staying in such as I won’t spend any money if I don’t go out .

And now ” it will be very hot and I might faint” is my latest one.

There is thunder now but doesn’t look like rain.

Today I have worked all day again and finished the smaller commission needing done this week. I’m pleased with it. I am impressed with the level of detail I managed. Also my drawing was good. I got to put a little green ape’ in it which was fun.

Tomorrow it will be back to the big complicated one . But I have until friday to finish it.

I got a little fed up yesterday with lots of things but as there is nothing I can do about most of them I may as well concentrate on more fun things. I always thought that I would like to have Pisticci as my base , because it’s nice to belong, but that I would travel. Right now , even if I had enough money, I wouldn’t be going anywhere anyways. Trying to persuade myself that that is a good thing.

However I am cool now. I did some good work today. And it’s wine time so there goes another day……

Thundery sky.
Next week maybe I will do some more drawing on my kindle.

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