Summer in Pisticci….. sitting on the doorstep

I am very fond of sitting on my doorstep. Tonight I am here writing this because my phone needs charged and this is a far as I can go with it plugged in. It’s too hot to sit inside without the fan on and being economically minded it is cheaper to sit outside. It’s a good place to be unseen, but hear lots of things going on. I can hear the man who owns the dog which is the size of a small horse telling it to stop. It lives in a little space at the end of the street. I have no idea why. Maybe it is a hunting dog. There is nothing to guard where it is. Have never seen anyone take it out…though they may have.

There are cars passing the other end of my street and I can hear neighbours talking and the mechanic’s workshop is open.

I’m tired. It’s been a busy day.

I was up about 6.30am and by 8.45am I had sat outside and ate breakfast, written a few lines of my ” something”, emailed a friend and done this week’s shopping.

By 10am I was in a friend’s car on my way for coffee and wine buying in Anna-Maria’s supermarket. I also bought detergent for the washing machine which doesn’t sound all that important, but it was heavy and now I don’t have to carry it home in my rucksack. When weight dictates my shopping it is a big deal.

On the way back we stopped off at the monthly street market. I could have bought some very pretty masks for €2 but decided I can make them for nothing out of spare material in my ” ragbag”.

After an early lunch I set to work on my complicated commission and by 5pm I had finished the cliffs and town and the sea. ( more or less.)

I forgot that I had to go to the doctor for a prescription. So off I went. If I want to I can paint a landscape from her consulting room window. Its a gorgeous view. I might well do it next month.

That was nice

Farmacia next. Small problem pronouncing ” paracetamolo” but best laugh of the day was when someone came in who was using a big seashell as a mask . It was hung round their neck on a string and they held it up in front of their face. Wonderful!!

Stopped in at the art shop and collected my portrait of 3 ladies. Have decided it is called ” friendship “.

Strolled on home and said good evening to several people I know and thought that I must find some reason to go out at that time of night more often.

What a very satisfying day ……

On way back from the market.
Waiting outside the doctor’s surgery.
32C in the shade after 6pm.

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  1. Lovely post about a lovely day but that heat would not let me outside, ever. 32* in shade at 6.00pm is just terrifying, I can hardly imagine it living here , Northeast England, where it’s currently a standard August 16* and wet, again!

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