September in Pisticci……shower room upgraded…..

That was my plan for today. So I began around 8.30am this morning and by lunch time I had finished the painting. I thought it would take me all day , but it wasn’t very complicated and it was supposed to be fun, not too particular. I am surprised by how well it has turned out. My walls are always a little more ” flintstone ” than I would like, but have long accepted that I don’t have the patience to paint every individual stone so I am okay with a compromise.

After lunch I varnished it all. I should probably do several more coats , but it depends on how much varnish I have. It was not supposed to cost anything. I used acrylic white wall paint and some of my ordinary art paint.

I have dark and light green and brown colours which I never use……am wondering ……be a shame to just leave them lying around……

Someone told me about a film called MAUDIE. And as I was finished and had nothing else to do….. I found it on google play . I hardly ever watch films. It was a beautiful story and the setting was lovely and after my morning’s work it was perfect. I would recommend it. It’s based on a true story.

And now it’s time to think about what to wear to go out tonight. What a social whirl it has been this week. Out twice!!!

It’s a pleasant evening and I am sitting outside writing this . Everything is very green. What a very nice day it has been…………

Varnished … looks bigger than previously.
After about an hours work…….
This morning….

One comment

  1. Wow that was fast! I’ve always thought of myself as a quick painter but not a patch on you Anne. It looks lovely and has a great colour scheme.

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