September in Pisticci…..the very tired day……

It started with the very sleepless night. Probably should not have had an espresso at 10pm.😕

I was just about asleep about 6am….better than nothing …when my neighbour , not in the apartment above , but the one above that got up. She uses a chair which she pushes across the tiled floor , to help herself get about. It screeches. Normally it is better than an alarm clock and 6am is an okay time to wake up. But not this morning…….

Eventually I thought I would get up , get dressed, have breakfast then go back to bed. It is Sunday after all…. the day of rest. However the coffee must have still been affecting me so I tidied out my makeup bag and my basket of toiletry stufff…. hair dye, not quite finished lipsticks, toothpaste that isn’t sensitive, 6 boxes of mirtillo pills, ( which kept arriving in the post until I realised I had pressed the repeat button) a bottle of aftershave I bought for James and can’t bring myself to throw out and lots of unmentionable things. Then I went through my pill basket …..I thought if I was ill that I might need all of them….and threw out the ones which were more than 5 years out of date. Also I threw out the sunscreen which was 8 years out of date. I then tried , with not much success to pour all the dregs of the wash in wash out shampoo/haircolour stuff into one bottle.

Finally I washed the inside of my make up bag which was more or less black due to eyeshadow having been put away open and stuck it on a chair outside to dry.

As I have moved the water containers ( for when the water goes off.) Out of the shower room and put them under the stairs. That means that it is now upgraded and tidy.

To complete this morning’s caffeine fuelled cleaning I brushed the floors. Felt like a good morning’s work.

After a little lie down and read it was lunch time. And to my delight there was another part of the series where Jonathon Yeo is painting Jamie Oliver. I enjoyed that very much.

I also had a great idea. I would have a virtual exhibition of some of my paintings. The ones I would be proud to display. Not necessarily for sale, but would represent what I have done in the last 2 years. I thought I might pick one each day and write a little bit about it on my blog and then maybe when I had enough I could put them all together. That would be fun.

And then finally I painted some grass in my shower room. At which point I had another” great idea” which was to make my shower basin look like a lily pond. I don’t think this would work for practical reasons…. like I have run out of varnish….but it was quite a daring idea….so I drew it on my kindle.

And now it’s wine time….and am sitting outside to wake myself up. Am a bit cold!!! A good night’s sleep tonight would be lovely……..

My daring plan……
I painted some grass…..

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