September in Pisticci… seemed like a good idea at the time…..

Having painted the shower basin white as my shower room was looking a little run down I was inspired to paint a mural in the shower area. Think how nice it would look . I thought, and it would make the whole room look bigger and more appealing……and I was bored…..

Before committing to paint on walls I thought I might do a rough design on my kindle . It is such a great use of my painting app. I was pretty pleased with my idea. And thought I would keep it handy and one day I would get round to doing it for real.

In between all this I had been working on the light in my big landscape. I probably ought to take it outside as it is in the darkest corner of my gallery/ bedroom and I can’t really see what I am doing.

And I watched parts of 2 documentaries on Gauguin and then the colour blue. I got bored with both of them as it seemed to me that an awful lot of it was just made up by the presenters. As if they had taken a few facts and then made up a story which they were presenting as true. I remember feeling the same at school when we were supposed to write about why a dead poet had written a particular poem. It always seemed to me that unless the poet had said why then you were just guessing. Who really knows what goes on in someone else’s mind.

Then I got bored again.

Without thinking too much about it I got out the old duvet cover I use as a dust cover and covered up the base of the shower. 20 minutes later I had drawn in a rough sketch on the tiles. So now I know what I will most likely be doing over the weekend. I had some spare paint ….it would have been a shame to throw it out.

It’s wine time now. It’s Friday. And it’s nice to have a plan. Hurray!!!

Drawn on my kindle fire.
Still working on this.
I think it will look ok when its finished…🤔


  1. Hi Bella, Love your idea!! can’t wait to see your result. I would love to see a step by step process, I am sure others will be intrigued, as well

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