September in Pisticci…..a grumpy day when nothing was wrong …or right

Maybe it was too much coffee or maybe too little sleep , but despite my best efforts it has been a draggy day.

You could say it started around 2am when I was awake and subscribed to a newsletter which I think will fulfill my need for something outside myself to reach out to. At around the same time I realised that I hadn’t changed my expired credit card on my wordpress account and it was due to be paid for the year today. Fixed that ( I hope) so wide awake and cheerful thinking , who needs sleep!

7am…and I am awake again.

After an hour’s work on my second double portrait I am fed up and decide to go for a walk.

It is a beautiful day and am very pleased with myself as I have gone for a walk . Therefore I am a good person. I even stopped for a coffee, as well as taking photos.

Back home and after 10 minutes working on the portrait I am fed up. Decide maybe I am tired. So lie down and read for half an hour .

Do another 20 minutes work on portrait and decide to have an early lunch. That will help.

After early lunch spend another 15 minutes on portrait and decide to have lie down and read while paint dries. 🤔

And so passes the afternoon back and forwards between reading and painting.

Result of day’s work is one neariy done small portrait and second one is puzzlingly not right.

Made executive decision to stop work for day as tomorrow everything will be better……..

Just heard some thunder in the distance so am going to blame my lethargy on the weather. Why not….

View from the top of the hill this morning.
Art installation at the castle.
I love these ceramic flowers.
The new cafe…..

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