October in Pisticci…..how do I say this…

Well, I got up very early this morning ….about 5am. Finished writing up to 25000 words and then another 500. Hopefully they make sense.

I decided that I would go early to see the doctor. I set off at 8.35am and was there 5 minutes later. I was second in the queue. At 9.35am I left as I was not feeling so well. The doctor had still not arrived. There were about 15 people waiting. The only place to sit was on a wall which, if you leaned too far back you would fall 25 feet onto steps. The sun was shining and it was getting quite hot. There was a notice on the door which I photographed. It said a lot of things including” because of the virus you should contact the doctor to have your prescription emailed to you and also to make an appointment. ” Everyone seemed to be ignoring this. But as I could not wait there any longer I thought I will just send a message and that will do. I hope the other people in the queue didn’t think I was an arrogant foreigner who wasn’t prepared to hang around for an hour or two. But I couldn’t explain that with my particular temporary problem I absolutely could not stay a minute longer.

I was very happy to get back to my house.

So I wrote a message and included the photo of the notice just to make sure.

An hour ago I got a reply saying that it was an old notice. 🤔 I asked what time I should come tomorrow then. The reply was …” pomeriggio ” which as far as I know means afternoon.😂😂😂😂 (hysterical laughter) Maybe the unprescribed pills will have worked before then…..

I thought I ‘d draw something for the art project on my phone , which I am enjoying as a no stress bit of work. Today I drew my sunglasses. I am not very good at circles.

Then I started the third portrait , but only drew it so that I can begin to colour it tomorrow. I tried to get it as accurate as possible so I can enjoy the colour part.

It’s been a long day and am glad it’s winetime. 🍷🍷

Slightly wonky sunglasses
Love the way that the clouds come over the castle.
View from outside the doctor’s.

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