Now it’s November in Pisticci…..3d try in commune

The first try was the very day I heard about needing this document. ( ATTESTAZIONE) . I took a photocopy of someone else’s with their details covered over. There ensued a convoluted conversation where I assumed possibly wtongly that the person I was talking to would know what I was talking about and I would understand what she said , not much unfortunately: it was left at ” come back in 2 weeks.”. I didn’t understand why.

Paperwork is , I find , difficult to understand as often I don’t know what the process is. I don’t think I am alone in this.

Second try. I got all the correct relevant documents from friends. Filled in the neccessary paper. Bought the bollos. Put everything in nice clear folder and tried again. ( this was the next day.)

Arrived at the commune. It was closed for cleaning as someone who worked there had the virus. It would reopen on Monday.

Third try. Confidently marched up to commune and saw with relief that the gates were open. But I was half an hour too early. Had coffee. Returned 15 minutes before opening time. I was first in the queue. Soon there were 4 of us. We waited. Time passed. Someone tried the door. The office next door opened. I checked my phone and this particular office was definitely supposed to be open . Not all of them were. Showed this to a man who was also waiting and felt very helpful. Waited another 5 minutes. The man disappeared upstairs. Another 10 minutes. Man returned. Told me that the office was closed, but the one in Marconia was open.

I think he then said that he had been 30 years in Pisticci and he still didn’t know what was happening.


I don’t specially want to get a bus to anywhere. I have a feeling that bus travel is only recommended for neccessary journeys. I don’t much want to go to the commune in Marconia.and hang about possibly for hours, find that office isn’t open, wait for 2 hours to get bus home after being told to come back another day.

I think I will wait till the end of this week and start again. Theoretically I have until the end of December to get this done.

On the plus side it kept me occupied for about 2 hours this morning. 😐

I was determined to make myself do stuff today no matter what I felt like so got back from commune and did some writing.

Then discovered Portrait Artist of the Year had been downloaded onto youtube . What a treat! I love watching it. When else do you get to see artists just painting and making a mess and then fixing it and struggling to get a likeness and often failing. It is so encouraging. And today I agreed with the judges about the winner.

It was sunny and not too cold outside so I took my tablet out and sat at the table and painted the view. From a purely practical point of view it was quite relaxing because I was comfortable. Perching on a wall or sitting on a kerb is not so easy.

And now it’s dark outside and the stove is on. I succeeded in making myself do things even if I wasn’t successful. Back to a day at a time I think.

Wine, Rebus and fish fingers tonight. 🍷

View from my table
The 2020 look…..with glasses pushed down over mask so they don’t steam up.
At least it was a nice view from the freezing cold stone bench in the commune

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  1. Good job!…the kudos are for hanging in there, trying again, still not getting discouraged and making lemonade out of sour lemons. Brava!

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