Finally it’s December in Pisticci……not like other years….

Today is the feste of the Immacolata concezione. ( I think that is the correct spelling. )

For quite a few years I would have been having a small exhibition in my little artists house this weekend. Sometimes by myself and sometimes with friends. There was always something on at the little church nearby and people walked past my house to get there. I usually had the door open and served mulled wine and if it was cold then the stove would draw people in. I had some good times.

This year there is nothing on.

However it’s been a pleasant day. I shaded my leaves on the wall and am satisfied.

Finally I began to tidy my work room. I started by putting the gas ” bombola” in the portable gas heater so that I would at least not freeze. I’m hoping that now it will be a more welcoming space.

My house is looking quite respectable right now. It’s strange to think that there probably won’t be anyone else in it other than myself perhaps for months.

Tomorrow I plan to go put and buy a cheap set of lights for the mantelpiece.

Now it’s wine time , the music from the church is keeping me company. The little cat has been in for a snack and who knows what I’ll find on youtube tonight.


Still some way to go till it is organised.
Tonight . The view from the little church.

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