Finally it’s December in Pisticci… I am sparkling!

Or if not myself , my wall with the dresser and new window are looking very Christmassy with little white flashing lights.

I wasn’t sure if I would want be very festive , but it seems to be creeping up on me. It is very pleasing to sit here tonight writing this and being sparkled at.

This morning when I got up it was raining. Usually if it’s bad weather I stay home. That is partly because my sentimental trainers are a bit slippy on wet pavements. And my only alternative footwear are a pair of waterproof desert boots which I bought a few years ago in a snowstorm when I was tired of wearing plastic bags over socks and then trainers on top.

These boots make me look like Minnie Mouse. Long skinny legs and big clunky feet. So they are for emergencies….. normally.

However thanks to my great age, incipient madness due to solitary living or I just don’t care I decided I was going out.wearing them.

First I had to find them . That involved moving a mattress and a coat stand full of coats, hand bags , belts and other assorted items….oh yes. Hats.

But they were in there at the back and after carefully shaking then incase there were any creepy things in them I put them on and went to look in the mirror where I persuaded myself that they didn’t look too bad and big boots are ” in.”

I felt quite powerful going out with a big umbrella and my winter jacket. ( found it too.)

I returned happily with a box of christmas lights and batteries for last years.’

It didn’t take long to drape the lights artistically around the mantelpiece and window.

Then I wondered if I shouldn’t see if I could disguise the washing machine hose as it slightly spoiled the effect.

After getting a piece of thick cardboard, an old white canvas, masking tape and some white paint then I was ready to paint a disguise.

Now there is a painted “wooden” strip reaching the dresser and the climbing plant appears to be growing out of the flowerpot/ bin. Only took 20 minutes. It’s looking just fine now.

I spent another few hours tidying out my work room and found several things I didn’t know I had . I’m not finished yet.

Now it’s nearly warm after having only turned the stove on an hour ago. Am thinking of sweet potato chips for later……….

Cheers 🍷🍷

No more hoses with net curtain draped over them .
All sorts of weather this morning.


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