Finally it’s December in Pisticci…….The Positano Diaries

I don’t normally watch anything but art videos on youtube during the day as I like to think they are work, but by accident I found the” Positano Diaries” and I am fascinated. This year I have been nowhere and have really no idea what life is like outside Pisticci. In the summer I was at a street market in Scanzano once and visited a local winery. So I’ve not been more than 25kms away in a year. Maybe this is why I am finding these video diaries so fascinating. It is like being there. Normal stuff happens. I would recommend watching them .

Today I went to the bank ( twice) . I have now transferred some money into my scottish account as I don’t have PayPal connected to my Italian account….yet. I plan to wait and see what happens with brexit incase there is a problem. I think it is the first time I have actually believed there really must be money in my account.

I started “work” at 5am again. Wrote my diary, then inspired by my friend from yesterday ordered a book about Basilicata. It sounds like it might be more second hand exploring for me.

I also looked up recipes with aubergines because I’ve decided that would be something I would enjoy making on Christmas day. I found something relatively uncomplicated.

Then as I am afraid the WIFI might crash over Christmas…..and now that it looks like all of Italy might be a red zone for 4 days from the 24th December and then again from the 31st ….which means we all stay home…. it is not an unreasonable fear….I have bought the first series of Inspector Montalbano and another Italian detective series set in 1930s which I can theoretically watch using my phone Internet. ( At least that is my plan.)

I can paint and read books and make a rag rug and listen to music….but It would be be very nice to have something new to watch in the evening.

Anyways last lockdown it was okay …I was prepared then … it might be fine this time as well.

I only printed out about 25 emails today. I am up to June now. I have plenty to keep myself occupied.

This Christmas if we all stay home to protect each other then maybe it will be more of a “real” Christmas than normal. Giving each other the gift of life. I suppose that sounds a bit dramatic, but there is some truth in it.

ūüć∑ time at last.

Outside just now.
On way back from the bank.

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