Finally it’s December in Pisticci…….portrait painting all day ….

After about 4 hours sleep it was pleasant to sit and work on a portrait all day. It has gone well so far. It was encouraging to find that after a few weeks of not painting that I hadn’t forgotten everything. It’s another challenging one where I have to paint water.

I was also relieved to find that I enjoyed working on it.

That has been all I have done all day apart from a short trip to the supermarket..

Oh…I forgot….my new phone case arrived. Am very pleased with it. I am also very entertained by using my fingerprint to open my phone. It feels very ” star trek” to me.

Still don’t know if we will all be stuck at home over Christmas and New Year yet. Making plans for that eventuality.

The number of cases in Basilicata are still under a hundred daily after having been two to three hundred previously.

Tonight it’s Christmas carols and music being broadcast from the church. If it wasn’t cold outside I would open the door to hear it better.

Now I have the door open because my stove has just not exactly gone on fire , but the alarm went off and it sort of ” boomed”.

Not sure where to get someone to check it.


Wine 🍷 and finding stove service person now.

Pretty evening.
New phone case.

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