Finally it’s December in Pisticci…..more wine and gas…

To continue with the story of my stove which went “Boom” last night. I turned it off, but it burned for a while before eventually dying down. It was a little scary. I am not fond of things going “Boom” and lots of flames.

However my second thought after…. ” “Oh no its going explode so stop looking in through the little window , you idiot.” Was , ” thank goodness I can pay for it to get checked”.

In fact I was very impressed with my reaction. I messaged 2 friends and asked if they could recommend someone to check out my stove. Within 2 hours someone came round, had a look at it and is coming back on Monday to service it.

I brought my gas fire through and it works well enough. Then this morning I got a friend to bring me another gas bombola. (Just incase.)

My portrait is finished. I am pretty pleased with it. And I think I have another commission .

I bought another 4 litres of wine, took money out of the bank. (.a very nice feeling.) And enjoyed the new star in the piazza. This year the Christmas decorations are the best yet.

This afternoon I watched an episode of the ” Darling Buds of May”. What a lovely bit of escapism.

Finally I decided to make some Swedish hot wine ( glogg) It hasn’t turned out as well as I hoped…..could be better. It is drinkable but looks a bit strange.

I am glad it’s wine time now…..


Looking into my studio…….
Giant star in the piazza.

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