Finally it’s December in Pisticci……waiting ……

Am still waiting for the stove man. I suppose it is still Monday….. but it’s dark so I will be surprised if he arrives now. I did message him around 3pm to ask if he was coming here today…but am not sure if he has seen the message.

Am a bit fed up. I only had 3 days this week in which I can go out freely and now I have only 2. Also I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

I did try, but I am not very inspired right now. If I need to do something I can but otherwise am just a bit lackadaisical.

At one point I very determinedly put on my hat, an extra jumper and a scarf and went into my gallery room and sat on the rug. I thought that if I sat there for a while I would think of something. But after a minute I was so cold I came back into the warm half of my house.

I could use my remaining gas cannister in there but as I don’t know if my stove will be okay yet then I prefer to keep it in reserve.

One nice thing happened. I heard someone at the door and rushed through expecting stove man. But it was the postman with the book about Basilicata which I had ordered last week. I am looking forward to reading it in the next 2 weeks.

Now it’s after 5pm and am going to assume that no one is going to arrive. So it’s wine time and I can relax.

There have been intermittent 🎆 today. Quite startling .

And funniest thing that happened today was this morning when I wrote Boris Johnson 🤣 and this the emoji my phone came up with. Am mostly amused and only a little spooked!!


About half an hour ago.
My Christmas reading.

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