Nearly Christmas in Pisticci…….stove cleaned..

And my door is fixed too. It has been sticking and screeching for months and the kindly stove man offered to fix it. I will be able to open the door without the whole street hearing me. Hurray!

Now it’s beginning to feel like Christmas.

My plan is to have Christmas Eve tomorrow before we become a Red zone. I am thinking that I might go out for a cappuccino. Often on Christmas day in the past we would sit outside Bar Pisticci drinking coffee and feeling so lucky that we lived here. The weather forecast for tomorrow is good.

Then maybe I could buy one of the nice red flowers that everybody has at this time of year. Perhaps some more wine. And just stroll about and feel like I am on holiday.

When it gets dark I could go uptown and see the decorations all lit up. That would be nice. I think I have to be home before curfew at 10pm.

It feels like it has been quite a long day again.

I did some shopping which made me laugh as I wondered what anyone would make of my 3 items. Eggs, caustic soda and baby shampoo.

I actually did some work today. I put the spare gas bombola in my other portable heater and warmed up my gallery a bit.Then I used up all the leftover offcuts of wood and made two stretched canvases. I had off cuts of canvas as well . It was very satisfying.

Now ( fingers crossed) my stove behaves itself after having had a good clean. I have a heater in 3 rooms in my house . Feels very luxurious. It didn’t take very long to warm up my gallery today so maybe I can get back to using it.

Now it’s wine time….later than usual. But I feel on holiday…….

Stove is back to being a stove after a brief interlude as a prop for a Christmas decoration.
I saw this today and loved the colours.

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