Early Christmas Eve in Pisticci……tonight Dirupo is pink ……

I am so glad I went out to see the decorations tonight.

I went up the pink brick road so I could see the sunset first. I hadn’t really meant to go all the way to the top, but I quite liked the idea of walking round by the castle and the water tower and then down towards the chiesa madre. It is always lovely up there and I could already hear the church music when I reached the castle.

I looked down on Dirupo where my house is and it was all pink and blue with flashing snowflakes. What a beautiful surprise. Photos, ( even with my new phone I can’t photograph the atmosphere ) are a poor substitute for being there. It is also impossible to capture the poignancy of this year, of being alone and of being locked down tomorrow

There were a lot of people about . Loads of cars. Looks like I wasn’t the only person having an early Christmas Eve.

I went on past the church and into town. There were lots of people there too. The star in the piazza looks great. It was worth going to see it. ( and I bought more wine …just incase.)

Walking home by myself felt a bit lonely. Leaving all the people behind.

Had to remind myself that there will be lots of people alone this Christmas and I have a house, enough food and heat.

But am still going to see if I can be more sociable next year.

Now I am home and warm. I did most of the things I meant to do today and had a very pleasant morning strolling around the market, sitting outside drinking coffee, and generally enjoying the sunshine.

I even washed my floor, cleaned the sinks and the cooker and brushed the rugs. Impressed myself.

It has been a very satisfactory day.

Cheers. 🍷

Pink Dirupo
Star in the piazza.

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