Christmas Eve in Pisticci … one of Red Zone….

I didn’t sleep very well last night. It was one of these nights when I was so busy in my dreams that I was exhausted in the morning. All I remember was being worried about Nicola Sturgeon…. and the horrible people …

In fact the day started a bit sadly as I wondered if I should not get my news from Twitter…….that lasted about 10 minutes. I think that I get a more balanced view of current affairs on Twitter. I just shouldn’t read the comments. So having sorted that out the day got better.

I was wondering how I would get on with being in a red zone. I was prepared as well as possible with food and entertainment. And in fact in the middle of the night I printed out the document I need if I am going shopping.

Much to my surprise I had a phone call from someone wanting to come round and maybe buy paintings. ( I am allowed a visitor)

It was lovely to see someone and now there is no question, but that we wear masks, it makes life simple. I sold two paintings . Two of my favourite local scenes. What a great way to start the day.

It was in fact such a nice day that l was able to sit outside and drink coffee.

After that I had a portrait to be getting on with. That has kept me occupied for most of the rest of the day.

Now I hear that there is finally a deal been done between the UK and the EU.

I am just looking forward to calling myself a 🇪🇺 European.

What a very strange life this is……but day by day it’s most definitely not boring…

Hurray , Christmas Eve wine 🍷 time.

About an hour ago……
Hurray blue skies ………..

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