An “orange” day in Pisticci……3786 steps….

I was a little curious to see what the health app on my phone did. Apparently it counts my steps……or something like that. Somehow it has decided that 6000 steps in a day is what I need to do. I don’t know if it knows how old I am , or what I weigh or anything else.(I would not be surprised if it somehow had all this info…)

However 3786 steps is one trip to the supermarket and back plus up the pink brick path, down past the arches and then back around the outside of Dirupo. So there is very little chance of me ever completing 6000 steps.

Anyways it didn’t take into account carrying a very heavy rucksack full of shopping or moving 10 very heavy sacks of pellets through from the other room, 5 minutes of yoga and 50 stomach exercises.

So much for getting back to work today.

I think my motivation has gone on holiday 😕

I caught up with writing my diary and that seemed to be all I did today.

Watching another episode of Inspector deLuca can only very loosely be described as “studying Italian history.” I am enjoying it very much and might even be learning a few words of Italian as well.

It is finally 🍷 time and I am very glad. It has been a cold day. Now there is what looks like a full moon. After taking 3 tries before it lit this morning the stove is burning away nicely in the corner,my lights are sparkling and the candle is burning.


Outside now.
On my way back home I saw this little donkey. I have often heard it but not seen it before.

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