Nearing the end of December in Pisticci……and it shall squeak no more.

Due to gross laziness, lack of motivation , procrastination, whatever……..I have been searching for things that I could do so that I feel that I have something to show for my day.

Finally around 4pm I decided to fix my squeaking door. The stove man had kindly fixed the screech..( caused by it scraping across the floor.) However the door closing mechanism still squeaked very loudly . I kept meaning to buy some oil, but my sister suggested olive oil so after pouring some into a little bottle I climbed up my ladder and poured a little drop down into the part that I guessed was squeaking. After turning it back and forward a few times it is now silent. I will be able to go out now without announcing it to the whole street.

Even little things like that are making my house friendlier.

I went out ( noisily) this morning and on reaching the end of the street turned back and came back inside to change my shoes. My sentimental trainers are a little bit slippy in wet weather and some of the streets in Pisticci are virtually tiled. Lethal in wet weather!

I sat on the sofa putting on my enormous Minnie Mouse boots and talking to James’s portrait. As it was painted from a photo of him looking at the camera he always seems to be looking at me. I realise that talking to a painting is a bit weird ,but it makes a change from talking to myself. And sometimes I need to imagine a different perspective on my situation. As his response to a lot of situations was ” f***k the b******s ….it quite often helps.

But today as I clomped up town I was wondering how much longer I could carry on with this weird life.

But now it’s finally wine time again.

I made myself draw my little Christmas tree today in the hope that it would lead to something more. We will see.

I don’t know if I am just lazy or unmotivated or the isolation is getting to me. ……..


The metal pole up the middle locks the door . It was squeaking.
Quick sketch of my wire Christmas tree.

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