2021 in Pisticci….the evil laugh…

Am sitting in my chair laughing out loud as my phone adds another 75 steps to my total today. I don’t really understand how it works so I tested it by marching around my house holding it and counting my steps. I was  a bit annoyed as I assumed it didn’t  count all the steps I took without it.

Actually it doesn’t  really matter as whatever way you look at it I haven’t  been out since Wednesday….. I think….. (though as I thought it was Sunday most of today) who knows!

Tomorrow is another red day so the chances of me emerging from my house are slight.

I have lots of work to do and enjoyed again catching up on what what was happening in March . It is quite different looking back and remembering how I felt.

I have 2 small illustrations to do.

I have chosen some photos to use to paint more local scenes and prepared the canvases.

My stove never did light. I think after 7 failures… 3 more today, it is officially not working. I am lucky I bought two gas bombolas . Will probably call the stoveman when we are back to being a yellow zone on Thursday.

It’s now late for wine 🍷. I think it is tonight that the witchy lady Befania delivers gifts to the good children in Pisticci….but am not absolutely sure of my facts. Perhaps I should keep a look out.

Oh dear, not knowing what day it is, counting my steps so I can laugh at my phone, and now contemplating looking out for a witchy lady flying on a broomstick. I obviously need a nice steadying glass of red wine.

Outside tonight……
Inside tonight. Have taken the tinsel and odds n ends down but am leaving the lights and red flowers.

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