2021 in Pisticci….. getting  going…….

This morning after having worried about how I was going to make myself edit my diary….to to point of dreaming about it….I sat down and got started work and didn’t  stop for two and a half hours . And I enjoyed it. I am  using stuff I have already written , a diary I kept on my phone and my blog as well as photos I took around the same time. Even though I know what happened I was getting quite worried as I wrote about the days leading up to the first lockdown….and how I wondered if I could manage by myself for 2 weeks.

I really want to finish it properly.

I am a bit distracted tonight as my stove has not lit for the 3d time. It doesn’t make sense. It lit after being off all night but after I switched it off to clean it this afternoon it refused to light itself. Every try takes about 15minutes before it heats up, fails to light, beeps and then cools down again. It is getting a bit chilly in here.

I have been trying to take a new up to date profile photo of myself today. It was not going very well until I had a visit from someone bringing a completely surprising gift for which I am very grateful and happy .After that my profile pic looked much better.

Still waiting for the stove to light.

I am very glad to hear that Scotland is going to be locked down for the rest of this month.

Now I am going to have a glass of 🍷 and if the “bad” stove doesn’t light this time, I’ll get the gas heater through from the other room and try it again tomorrow.

Cheers 🍷 .

The church tonight.
Will be my new profile photo I think.

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