2021 in Pisticci…..out and about…..

Despite the title, mostly I was at home today working on the illustrations I am doing.  I started about 8am and apart from an hour off at lunch time it took me until about 4.30 to finish them.  It was interesting to do something else a bit different.  I used pencil, pen, watercolour, watercolour pencils, white gouache and  finally some acrylic paint because I couldn’t  make a particular colour.

Having heard on the radio that no exercise  is bad for you … I thought maybe I would  go out. Nearly running out of wine had nothing to do with it.

These days going out is quite an adventure. I checked to see if it was wet underfoot and if I would need to put on my Minnie mouse 👢 ( I wish they looked like that.) However it looked fairly dry.

Then I chose my favourite mask and found my normal glasses ( not reading ones which  I wear all the time in my house). Checked I had the WiFi bill and money to pay it, looked for an umbrella  and couldn’t  find the one I was looking for.

Went out once organised. Forgot umbrella. Half way up the street glasses were all fogged up.Had to keep taking them off and on.

Should have worn Minnie mouse boots as piazza was lethally wet. ( it’s  basically tiled  so is like walking on wet tiles. )

However was not raining and the tabacchi where I wanted to pay my bill was open. It had arrived a week late and there is always a warning that if you don’t pay it within 15 days you will be cut off.  So that is sorted.

As I was walking past my friend’s art shop I stopped, as there was my painting in her window. It looked good. So I took a photo.

Then I had to take my glasses off and put them in my pocket . I hope I am not ruining my reputation for being friendly by not seeing lots of people I know. It’s  not great as I am already feeling a bit isolated without this. I really should make an effort to fix the problem because  we could be wearing masks for the forseable future.

However I can see close up so managed to read the label on the wine I wanted.

Due to the slippiness I decided to walk home down a back street which wasn’t  tiled. I passed a lot of blurry people. 

On the way down the steps I remembered I also needed toilet rolls so went into  the little grocery  shop where the nice lady works. She was asking what I had done at Christmas. When James was in hospital she was very kind. I’ve never forgotten that.

The Christmas  lights on the houses in Dirupo are pretty so I stopped to take a photo and managed not to walk off and leave the toilet rolls on some steps where I had dropped them so I could take the photos.

Then finally I decided to knock on Salvatore the mechanic’s garage door and wish him Happy Anniversary. I had seen a post on Facebook and 43 years married is an achievement.  That felt good. I think I may be getting friendlier.

And when I arrived home the little cat was waiting for me. It seemed almost friendly.

I have made it a little bed under a chair outside where it sometimes sits.

And now I am sitting in my nice comfy chair , with a glass of wine and feeling like that was a day well spent.

The lights in dirupo
I painted the girl in the water.

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