2021 in Pisticci….hair dye, facon and eggs etc……..

Am sitting here tonight in my comfy chair . Its a little chilly and I am wearing 2 pairs of socks, warm trousers, poloneck jumper, thick jumper, thick cardigan, scarf and hat. I am definitely missing my pellet stove now.

This was what it was like for years pre pellet stove. Gas is ok but I was used to wearing a hat indoors for about 4 months of the year. Maybe I should have contacted the stoveman a few days ago. But I was busy …..

Anyways I have had a very productive day again.

It started with hair dyeing using the dangerous red gel….I have now discovered that nail polish remover will take the colour off my hands or anywhere else. I remembered to use vaseline round my hairline. That helped. It looks like the little tub of colouring gel will last for ages. It looks eatable …..like some type of delicious jam. And this time I rinsed it more thoroughly so it didn’t come off on my hands afterwards.

I was so pleased with myself that I treated myself to facon and eggs. I am getting much better at cooking this.

Then I was back in March and remembering what it was like. Some funny things happened. I was getting a bit distracted from writing so finally decided to go and deliver my illustrations.

I really, truly, must do something about my glasses steaming up. However it was nice to be out. And that that was this week’s work completed and delivered.

After lunch I emailed an invoice ( once I had found out how to do it….) and ordered more vitamin D from an online Italian pharmacy.

I spent about an hour looking at recipes with pasta and then making cheese.

Now I have downloaded 4 photos onto my tablet so I can start painting the next series of local paintings. Might start tomorrow.

Oh ..and I finally found out why the electric company have been phoning me. I thought I had inadvertently swapped electric companies. ( It’s a long story of computers and confusion.) But no…. the whole area is getting new electric meters. There are papers stuck on all our doors with the time ( approx) when someone will be round tomorrow to change the meter. Whew !!!! That’s a relief.

Now I am warming up a bit. It’s wine time again. Hurray!!! 🍷 🍷

Its more ” jammy” red in reality
Better not eat it.😯😯
Facon and eggs…..on my nice old plate I brought from Scotland.

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