2021 in Pisticci….. all about the stove…..

Am late writing this tonight as the second stoveman has just left. And if I understood correctly , tomorrow the 3d stoveman will arrive.

I am not entirely sure what is happening. I think there’s a technical problem and so a specialist is needed to deal with that.

But I am so grateful to my friend who organised stoveman 2 today and saved me from trying to phone some kind of stove call centre .

I was considering disguising the stove as a table and using the gas heater for the rest of the winter such was my fear of speaking to some unknown expert on the phone. It made quite a nice table.

It is lit tonight and after watching stoveman 2 I now know how to clean the stove pipe .

I also painted another local scene today.

As I am so late I must get something to eat now……and another glass of wine…..🍷🍷

Another piazza….this was a bit complicated
Stove in action

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