2021 in Pisticci…..grumpy morning

For no particular reason I got up this morning feeling like it was going to be a bad day. I think my stove problem has been getting to me. My pellet stove is like a little friend in the corner. The gas heater is like a robot. Could have been that.

However back to this morning.

First thing I did was to uncover the washing machine in the fireplace. I remember thinking I hope this doesn’t break too . ( in a kind of” everything bad happens to me” voice) I put the detergent in, fixed the hose in the sink and pressed start. Everything OK so far.

Then decided I should have the radio on. So fired up the laptop. Oh dear …. no Internet……well of course I might have known.

I then glanced over at the washing machine where there was a red light flashing!! “I knew it”, I said in a sadly triumphant voice…….. I had forgotten to turn on the water. Soon as I did, it started again.

Went back to the laptop and the darn Internet had come back on!

But there was an email telling me that my antivirus payment had not gone through. Typical…..”another disaster” I moaned. Fixed that in about 5 minutes by changing to PayPal.

At this point I had to reluctantly admit that maybe it wouldn’t be a very bad day after all.

So I organised my next pieces of work for next week and maybe next month so that I can concentrate on writing, 4 local paintings and possible mural. Then contacted someone else about the stove.

Mostly today I worked on the second local painting . It’s another Christmas scene at night. It has turned out ok. I am really enjoying the audiobook which I listen to as I paint.

And now the clothes are dry and laid away. The next painting is ready to begin. I think I will watch an episode of Minder on youtube tonight. I didn’t like it originally ,but I watched the first episode last night and it was maybe a bit nostalgic. Makes a change from the last series I watched which was a bit gory.

Am enjoying the 14% wine. ( and remembering to drink slightly less.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

In the piazza at Christmas
About an hour ago in the valley.

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