2021 in Pisticci…..changing the gas bombola…..

Keeping to the theme of stoves….. last night around 8pm there was a knock at my door and stoveman 2 had arrived bringing stoveman 3. After some fiddling around and conversation they reached a conclusion. That is ,that I need something new….like maybe fuses or something similar. As I don’t really understand stove mechanics am guessing. However stoveman 2 got my stove to light so I had it’s cheerful company for a few hours.

The parts ( whatever they are) will arrive Wednesday. ) just in time for the cold weather to have gone…..oops that was a bit sarky of me. And after all I am doing ok with gas.

It ran out about an hour ago ,but luckily I had a spare….actually there was nothing lucky about it. If I didn’t have a spare then I know what I would be like. I would have the heater on minimum and worry about when it was going to run out. I will be sorting out another spare on Monday. .

I always feel very strong and independent when I am changing over bombolas. It has always seemed like a man’s job. Sometimes when the tap is really shut tight I wish there was a man….or a strong woman there to help. However so far I have managed somehow. And only had a small fire due to not screwing the hose on properly one time. However after that I kept a wet towel handy just incase.

It has been right ” social whirl” today. In these times 3 visitors in one day is a lot.

One to organise a commission. One to look at paintings.( sold 2) .And thirdly the electric meter man arrived unexpectedly to change the meter. (I stayed home all day on the day he was supposed to come.) But he was very friendly and it only took ten minutes. Frankly anyone to talk to is a treat.

I think it’s possible I may sound a little desperate…but as no one understands most of what I say maybe it’s not noticeable.

I discovered it is very easy to put images on fineartamerica.com using my phone today. It hardly feels like work sitting in my armchair, feet up on the chest and tapping away on my phone. I earned €5 on the site this week which reminded me that I had images on it.

Now it’s wine time and I am considering buying or renting a film on Google play. I discovered by the second episode that I didn’t like Minder very much. Then I found a series called Blackpool. It would have been OK if the characters didn’t keep bursting into song. It’s just weird!

Cheers 🍷🍷

Just went outside and took this as I have nothing much to show for today in photos.

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