2021 in Pisticci….. a multitude of stoves…..

Am not absolutely sure if it is ok to say ” a multitude of stoves”. I was thinking of the word ,” plethora” but don’t know if that would have been any better. ( l like the sound of it. )

I now have 3 stoves in my room. My pellet stove is disguised as a corner table. ( feels better when I don’t see it.) My gas stove with a bombola in it is heating the room. My spare gas stove with no bombola in it is acting as an extension to my table. It is happily exactly the same height . Today I have been working on a big commission and the easiest way to work was to lay the canvas flat between the table and the stove. I love when that happens…

It was a long canvas and it would not have been very easy to balance it on my easel. Also because its much too cold to work in my workroom it would have been very awkward working through here.

It went very well as there was room for my tablet which had the image on it that I was working from. ( what a treat it is not to have to peer at my phone screen. ) After working from 8am I stopped at 4pm. There is never any point working when I am tired. I just mess things up.

That is all I have done today, apart from looking out the door to see if it was snowing as was forecast. It didn’t.

I really must get some exercise !!!

Now it’s nice to relax . I have winter jazz playing, Christmas lights twinkling, candle lit and glass of wine. I even properly washed my paintbrushes with hot water and detergent instead of just swishing them around in the water jar.

Feels good.

Cheers 🍷🍷

3 stoves ……
Looking for snow…….

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