2021 in Pisticci….. 2 short walks and 5 mins yoga

Feeling very clever today. I made myself go for 2 short walks. I think that telling myself that I don’t need to do anything at the weekend helps. I have added 50 stomach exercises to my 5 mins of yoga which feels good too….but only 5 times a week.

It was a beautiful morning and I hadn’t intended to go any further than the church ( 200mts) but once out ,the chance of a better photo.of the mountains from further up the pink brick road encouraged me upwards and onwards and maybe I am fitter than I thought as I arrived at the castle without being particularly out of breath.

Since I discovered that I can walk all the way along past the arches I prefer to go that way. Stopping to have a seat and look at the view. I think it’s probably the best view in Pisticci. Both mountains and the sea. Not forgetting I can also see my house.

My house is sort of in the middle at the back.

My second walk only lasted about 10 minutes. I just walked through Dirupo and said ” hello” to the donkey. I can hear it from my house.

I am wearing an enormous Norwegian cardigan with a hood tonight. It’s been cold today and inside it hasn’t been above 19C. I am so cosy. The only problem with wearing this is it’s so heavy. I can’t paint while wearing it as my arms feel weighed down.

I have just ruined another cardigan while painting my last commission. The cuff is now black and while I was painting the edges I must’ve leaned against them so the front has a big orange stain. Acrylic paint sticks to virtually anything and doesn’t come off.

I am so glad we are not beginning the mural painting today. I have worked out how to do my part and am organised ,but it was way too cold this morning.

I have 2 commissions to do this week….or the next. Its nice to be busy.

Only another 2 days until the parts for my stove arrive🤞and a kind friend delivered a new gas bombola today. So I have a spare.

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

A lovely flowery house I walked past this morning. I have painted it at least twice.
My darth vader look.

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