2021 in Pisticci……procrastination  or cold?

It was a bit chilly when I got up this morning. About 14C inside. It is now  near to 19C. Most of today it has been around 16C.

I have been out twice today , partly to keep warm.

This morning I needed a new watch so am now wearing a very yellow “gold” expanding watch with a big face. It cost €3 and will probably last at least a year. I think that is quite good value. And I get to chose a different watch each time.

It was nice to be out and somehow I arranged my mask so that my glasses didn’t  steam up. It was good to see the world clearly. 

I was supposed to be doing several pieces of work today . I did a little bit of each , but didn’t  finish anything.

I am not sure if it was because I was cold or couldn’t  be bothered.

I took a second walk in the afternoon after I had got up from reading in bed where it was warm. This time I decided  that I needed to go somewhere with a purpose and so marched off to the supermarket. That was the first time I have seen it clearly in weeks.

Now I am sitting wearing my big Norwegian cardigan ( It is enormous and I have to roll the sleeves up.)  But with the hood up it’s  very warm. It’s  not great when typing as  my arms feel very heavy.

By Thursday the temperature outside should rise again. And who knows perhaps stoveman 3 will arrive with the necessary  bits to make my stove work again.

However it’s now wine time…….🍷🍷

On my way up town…..
The tiny daffodil type flowers were a gift from a passing friend.

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