2021in Pisticci…..a leisurely day full of nothing…….

After my week of speed mural painting, walks uptown carrying my heavy painting stuff and climbing up and down my ladder, today was to be a day off.

And it was.

My stove started first time. It was rainy and windy outside and no need to go out.

I made myself “facon and eggs ” for breakfast. Someone gave me a large piece of prosciutto di parma so am experimenting with it. I think I need to slice it thinner ,but it’s very nice. I think it would help if I had a non stick pan as I don’t use any oil and the eggs stick a bit. I haven’t used any oil as I thought the fat in the facon would be enough.

After getting bored with the science programme on radio 5 I thought I might as well go and read upstairs. I am half way through a medium interesting book on my kindle. It has an awful lot of characters who I get a bit mixed up with.

Along with a few of ” the positano diaries” the morning passed very pleasantly. I’ve decided that I don’t need to go to Positano as it feels as if I have already been there.

After lunch I had a long conversation with my sister where we discussed all sorts of things and decided that next time we might do a video call.

I ate 5 chocolates over the course of the day as someone gave me them yesterday when I was painting. Obviously chocolate someone else gives you doesn’t make you fat and it would be rude not to eat it. ( some kind people brought chocolates or cakes almost every day for the painters. )

I am looking forward to spending another day finishing off the mural. I need to fix my fox’s leg and put highlights in its eyes. And there is a long low wall to finish.

I never used to be able to relax so today has been quite successful.

I did walk to the end of the street and take a photo , then did 5 salutes to the sun. I have 334 steps on my phone. I have reached 6000 once since I started.

Today there were only 31 new cases of the virus in Basilicata.

Tomorrow I have plans to paint dogs.

For now it’s wine and something entertaining from YouTube.


View from end of the street about 30 mins ago.
Just one more photo of the mural showing where it is in relation to other buildings.

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