2021 in Pisticci….keeping warm and spending money

After a sleepless night it was a relief to have a morning off from mural painting. It was raining. However I am all prepared for the next three churches I could be painting. And I was ready to go out this afternoon…..until It rained again.

I was just wondering what makes a worthwhile day. It’s definitely a good feeling for me to come home tired after spending time with people and painting something I am pleased with. I think somewhere in my head I equate value with achievement. 

I know when I spend a lot of time looking at twitter I feel  that I have nothing to show for my time. Even though , having no TV or newspapers it is where I find out some of what is happening in the world. Today I watched a short video of an American  politician talking about her experience of hiding in a toilet and thinking she might die when people broke into the building ( forgotten the name of it) Then I listened to the man who speaks for the WHO talking about doctors and nurses working in poorer countries who would be lucky to get some crumbs of the “vaccine cake” while in  the rich countries people were fighting over who was first in the queue. He asked if if this was how it should be.

I read more news and avoided watching any videos of the UK parliament as I find it embarrassing. 

Then I had a conversation with someone on the phone. And while talking about a possible job I realised how much the world needs people like her to step up. I don’t think I can do much where I am ,but I have the time to think and am old enough to feel that even if I am wrong I need to believe in something. And right now it’s that individually or collectively is not the time to sit back and let the liars take charge.

Anyways back to practical matters….. it was a good day for ordering vitamin pills online. And I couldn’t help noticing that because I had enough money I could order enough for a year and thereby pay less than when I had little money . Health is a balancing act I think .

And finally , vaguely health related, I spent probably a couple of hours checking on making peanut butter. I used to make my own using a coffee grinder but it burned out eventually. So after a fair amount of Google research and a bit of inspiration I have ordered a reasonably powerful blender thingy that was on special offer. I love peanut butter and if you can find it here it costs about a minimum of €4 and isn’t very nice. I just buy big bags of salted peanuts and grind them until they turn into butter. No extra oil or anything else needed . Apparently sliced apples spread with peanut butter is a healthy snack. (I used to eat that a lot years ago.)

There are no paintings to show for today…..but I like my fox so much I am posting it again.

Am looking forward to mural painting again tomorrow.

This was my finished fox from yesterday. I like its expression.
It was mask washing day……..

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