2021 in Pisticci……maybe I should be somewhere else right now……

Somewhere else in Pisticci that is. As usual.I don’t really know what is going on. There was a message I missed , sent around 3pm. I was busy hoovering and cleaning the cooker and making peanut butter so I didn’t see it till after 4pm. It appeared to say that people from outside would be coming to to look at the mural at 4pm and if any of us would like to come and join in then we would be welcome. Only one person had replied so I thought that it must be more for information.

After 5pm I went uptown….am trying to keep up my exercise…..and I needed more wine.

So I passed the art shop, said Hi and passed on to the wine shop . It’s actually a lovely delicatessen with all sorts of lovely food….but I only ever buy wine. I used to buy the occasional packet of biscuits to make it look like I wasn’t just there for the wine. Now I don’t bother.

I went back home a different way….without glasses….and in the dark I see even less. However someone stopped me and asked if I was going to the art shop. I looked blank. ( or my eyes did ..as that was all anyone could see. ) I said something about 4pm and now I was going home.

Now I am puzzled( a not uncommon feeling)

However as I would no doubt be without glasses and in the dark…and somehow not being able to see so well and wearing a mask makes my Italian even worse, I think maybe I am better off in my nice relatively tidy home.

And I am drinking Teresa from the art shops’ wine 🍷 .

On the way home. My blue shadow.
I love this view….it was a bit foggy
This morning when I went out I made an effort to look less like a scruffy weighed down artist.


  1. Hi Anne
    My Nonna snd my mom lived at #20 Via Loreto just up from the clock tower in your photo
    A couple purchased the ancestral home
    The widow lives there now
    Comara Ninetta Gaeta lives directly across other side of fence
    If you happen to pass by give the above mentioned women a hello from Canada
    From Melina snd her son Dani

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