2021 in Pisticci…..quite a satisfactory Sunday

After more or less two weeks of mural painting I spent some time yesterday doing some catch up housework and today I have done some catch up drawing for my next two commissions. They might not be as exciting as climbing up a ladder and painting a Saint or sitting on my yoga mat painting an owl or a basket of figs, but on the other hand I won’t be trying to see what I am painting between my mask creeping up my face and my hat creeping down while holding on to a ladder in a moderate wind.

I have a complicated local scene to paint in acrylic and a watercolour of several dogs. They are now very roughly drawn so that I can begin properly tomorrow.

This week my other plan is to go to the commune and sort some bills out. As well as take some money out of the bank to pay for my stove. My hope is that by the end of February I have cleared up a lot of financial ” stuff”.

I think I ate too much home made peanut butter yesterday and had a fairly disturbed night where I woke up repeatedly from dreams featuring me painting murals all over Pisticci.

I haven’t really taken any photos today but I have made a folder full of paintings I have for sale. It was nice to see what I have available. I still get the occasional person drop by to look round my little gallery.

Most people want local scenes. I try to always replace the ones I sell with more .

However I now have quite a few paintings which are not local scenes and I like a lot

These are 2 older paintings which never sold, but which I am proud of.


This was from a photo I took when at an antiques market in Ostuni and there was a scooter rally in the same park.
This was an oil painting I did around 12 years ago. I was particularly proud of the sheep. The farmer reminds me of my dad.

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